Sometimes it helps staff to observe a practical demonstration, where they can see specific aspects of mathematics with mastery being modelled in your own class. We identify relevant points to look for and afterwards review the children's engagement, learning and potential issues raised for development within your school.

This has been found helpful in gaining staff confidence in comparing what they presently do, with what could be gained from even small incremental changes in approach.

Other help which has been useful is to work closely with a particular year group as they review and develop sequences of learning in an area of the curriculum.

One of the most striking findings of research into mathematics teaching over the last thirty years is the high degree of insecurity in mathematics suffered by many primary teachers themselves. In teacher training it has been observed that many student teachers' own poor primary and secondary school experiences left them seriously frightened of engaging with a subject which they were now expected to teach enthusiastically to a new generation!

Confidence in their own mathematics subject knowledge, and structural pedagogy is crucial to enabling primary teachers to be effective at all levels of learning.

Many years of successful experience have proved we can change teachers' fears into enthusiasm for mathematics, helping even the least confident primary practitioner become an advocate for mathematics in their classroom.