One of the most significant educational developments in the past twenty years has been that assessment is not just a tool for measuring pupil or  school performance.

Planned carefully, assessment can be used to inform learning for both the teacher and the learner. Helping children to understand,  set and assess their own expectations for learning is a powerful means of enabling children to develop meta-cognition. With these skills they are encouraged to take personal responsibility and ownership of their learning.

Assessment for Learning is a well-connected set of strategies which builds upon the benefits of formative assessment for creating a very different and successful learning culture.

It is not what some government initiatives have attempted to reduce it to; it is a genuine shift in culture which cannot happen overnight, nor does it work simply by displaying targets on the whiteboard or the walls, or making children copy them into their books!

Implemented together with the other strategic areas of this website, a very powerful learning culture emerges.