A Curriculum for deeper learning

When planning for new learning in any area of the curriculum, it is important to look beyond the initial learning intentions/objectives to identify the characteristics of deeper learning that we really hope the children will understand and know. These will determine for us the most important focus in the learning objectives we plan to teach, and will then help to identify success criteria which truly reflect the evidence which would reveal this learning in the children's work.

Often key learning will be of a higher order thinking, where it may be much more difficult to quantify or be precise about the tangible evidence we might expect to see. Some assessment evidence may not be fully revealed in short sequences of teaching and may need to be assessed over a number of different planned learning experiences in the medium-term. Nonetheless, it is critical that we move from assessing what is easiest to measure, towards developing assessment of real benefit to children's learning.

These workshops include some time for practical development of teachers' own sequences of 'critical episodes' in learning after studying examples together.