Helpful Links

These are websites of other helpful organisations and partners in the commitment to improve learning for children:

The lead national public organisation for identifying and sharing best practice in improving the teaching of mathematics in England.

University of Cambridge - sponsored association of teachers and practitioners in rich mathematical thinking, producing materials designed to encourage higher order thinking in mathematics

Formerly the White Rose Maths Hub. Probably the most proactive and collegial nationally of the DfE sponsored Maths Hubs, in producing a range of free materials including suggested teaching resources for primary schools. White Rose has now set up a distinct website for this, as an entity separate from it's regional work with schools in West Yorkshire. However, it appears that all the helpful resources have been removed to the TES website at Unfortunately the navigation to the most detailed lesson and unit resources seems more difficult here than previously. Whilst finding the detailed lesson resources very helpful, we advise caution that the curriculum maps of the White Rose yearly overviews do not appear to encourage revisiting topics with a sufficiently cumulative curriculum for the development of mastery in our view.

Recommended partner in the provision of high quality professional development and improvement in school capacity for engaging and excellent learning, particularly in Physical Education and School Sport. These include the nationally accredited Certificate in Leadership and Management in PE in Primary Schools (RQF) (level 4) for PE Subject leaders, and the valuable National Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Physical Education in Primary Schools (RQF) (Level 3), which is suitable to equip teaching assistants to teach high quality PE, where schools are relieving this teaching responsibility from teachers.