Ralph Manning is an independent education consultant, working with primary schools and teachers to enable their children to become confident, creative and fluent mathematicians.  Mathematics mastered with primary children has grown from his commitment to help schools build their own capacity for teaching in the most effective ways, which have been strongly demonstrated where schools implement a ‘Mastery’ approach to children’s learning using varied experiences and different practical resources.  Ralph helps teachers understand how to improve the effectiveness of their own classroom teaching, the progression in learning across the mathematics curriculum, and their assessment and planning for learning.

He promotes higher order learning in primary education: that (mathematical) creativity, thinking skills, attitudes, conceptual understanding and behaviours needed for success, must be encouraged from children’s earliest experiences so that children develop ownership and responsibility for their learning.

Following an earlier career in I.T., managing quality improvement and organisational change, Ralph has worked in education for over 20 years, as a primary teacher in schools in Bedfordshire and Norfolk, and then as a lecturer in initial teacher education, leading the highly successful primary PGCE mathematics and PE programmes at the University of East Anglia (UEA).

He is an engaging leader of practical professional development, and these are approving feedback from teachers’ own evaluations:

‘Interesting and valuable methods of developing children’s understanding and how to approach problems.’

‘Excellent to see how Mastery works, and the rationale behind it.’

‘Seeing how to show children fractions in different ways and using the equipment to create these images.’

‘Seeing how to translate between physical apparatus and standard written methods.’

‘Very practical, able to apply to YR, Y1 and Y2 in this session. Excellent, thanks.’

‘A fantastic session, really informative and lots of super ideas for us to use in our classrooms – thank you!’

Ralph contributes significantly to one of the most widely-read subject texts in teacher training, Mathematics Explained for Primary Teachers, with author Derek Haylock.

He is also an enthusiastic leader of professional development for physical education, especially how to engage with the range of children's needs in this curriculum area.

Internationally, Ralph is engaged in supporting developing education projects. An accredited Professional Development Lead for the National Centre for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics (NCETM), he also continues to be a Visiting Fellow at UEA. Committed to enhancing the professional status of teachers, Ralph was a former founding member of the General Teaching Council for England, where he was Chair of the GTCE's Teaching and Learning Committee, as well as Chair for Induction Appeal Hearings.


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